Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What have you learned about writing for a blog?
2.  How has your blogged changed during the semester, and why?
3.  How is blogging important to your chosen major/career?
4.  How has blogging in this class affected you?
5.  What have been the most important lessons from the class?

The Audience Must Be Crazy.

I've learned that everyone's got a niche. Some people's niches aren't anything more than a life blog and that's OK. That's what my blog is. Also, if you want to be a successful blogger you must be attentive to what you're writing and who you're writing for. I I had an audience they would probably be a bit off to appreciate my humor and morbid nature. 

My Blog is Shit.

I feel like my blog has evolved in the sense that it has become more...professional, if that's possible for a ridiculous humor blog. I know my way around the website much better despite my ridiculous lack of technological knowledge. 

The Death of the English Language.

I believe that blogging has certainly made me a more conscious writer. I edit everything because I don't want to appear stupid, although stupid people can be entertaining, too. Blogging has benefitted me mainly because it's the most fun I've had on social media and has shown me that there are many talented bloggers out there who actually make money from their writing skills. Blogging has taught me the importance of writing well regardless of which facet of journalism you choose to use.

I'm Only a Novice Blogging Jedi.

I think the biggest impact has been my adopted blogger. She's shown me that you can say whatever you want and not feel the need to apologize. Also, I now realize that literally anyone can blog about anything. You can even blog about your mundane life. There's always something to be said for everything. 

Lessons Smessons. 

Just kidding. I have learned so much from this class. It's given me the confidence to write unapologetically. I've learned that blogging is a vast world of information and people's lives and experiences. It's actually incredible.  

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  1. Awwww <3 I hope I've been a sufficiently bad influence. :)