Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Emily Palmer

Dr. Clark

Blog Paper

9 March 2017

            I’m so glad I took this class because I didn’t realize how satisfying blogging is. It allows people to express their feelings in a way that gives them time to think. So often we speak without thinking. Blogging is a way to filter ourselves. It allows the blogger to consider consequences and personally has shown me that I’m much more eloquently spoken through writing.

            I like the fact that I can showcase my humor. Some of it may be a little off-color or offensive. I’m not trying to hide behind a computer when I say these things. I know that if a reader is offended by something I say they can just not read my blog. Having a blog is very liberating in that way.

            An aspect of blogging that I would ideally look into is blogging for a company. I’ve spoken to several people who get paid to sit at home and blog a couple of times a month. Some people get advertisers on their blogs. The blogger needs to have a niche. I don’t think my blog really has a niche. It certainly has a target audience: people who share the same humor as me. My friends think it’s funny. I can see how many readers wouldn’t agree. So, it seems that the people who are making money from their blogs, aside from blogging for a company, are blogging about something that’s fairly universal like makeup, health, beauty, food, travel and other things that are far more relatable.

            I wish more people read my blog. I’ve been contemplating putting a link to it on Facebook. I appreciate this class because I will probably include my blog on my resume just to demonstrate that I actually know how to write. This is why I have kept my blog fairly clear of profanity and anything inappropriate, although again, I can see how some people might get offended by my humor. That’s the whole point. Humor is supposed to be offensive.


  1. Just be true to your own voice, no matter who you're writing for! :)

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